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Tripod Stand (Medium) - Black

• Use: Video Camera• Type: Flexible Tripod• Package: Yes• Item number: Octopus• Bearing: Under 2kg• Product category: Tripod• Material: Aluminium alloy• Types of Yuntai: Other• Is there a quick loading board?: Yes• Product size: 15CM• pitch number: Section 5• Small Size: 16.5*3.5*3.5cm• Medium Size: 24.5*5*5cm• Large Size: 25*5*5cm


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• Use: Video Camera
• Type: Flexible Tripod
• Package: Yes
• Item number: Octopus
• Bearing: Under 2kg
• Product category: Tripod
• Material: Aluminium alloy
• Types of Yuntai: Other
• Is there a quick loading board?: Yes
• Product size: 15CM
• pitch number: Section 5
• Small Size: 16.5*3.5*3.5cm
• Medium Size: 24.5*5*5cm
• Large Size: 25*5*5cm

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